Digestive Concerns and Eating Disorders; What Came First? Webinar

Digestive Concerns and Eating Disorders; What Came First? Webinar

Eating disorders are complex medical and psychological conditions. It has been shown that 90-96% of patients with eating disorders have some digestive complaints. In this webinar, we will discuss these complaints and how to treat them. This webinar will be a Clinician Guide on how to manage common digestive complaints from eating disorder patients. Participants will be provided with strategies and tools to help them use a non-elimination and non-diet approach.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify common GI disorders and become familiar with definitions and strategies for treatment in the eating disorder population.
  • List the stages of the healing process of the digestive system with refeeding and how to repair with consistent nutritional intake.
  • Explain strategies and define screening tools to use with clients to determine symptoms related to anxiety, semi-starvation and or physiological depletion.

Presented by Marissa Kent, RDN, CDCES
Dietetic Clinical Supervisor

Marissa received a degree in food and nutrition from California State University, Long Beach. She has been practicing in Orange County in the field of dietetics for over two decades. Marissa’s experience includes and is not limited to, eating disorders, diabetes treatment and prevention as well as integrative and functional nutrition. She has a private practice in South Orange County. Marissa is currently the dietary supervisor for the dietitians at Shoreline Eating Disorder treatment centers in Long Beach and Laguna Hills, CA.