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Care Through Culinary™: Nourishing the Mind, Body, and Soul

All Foods Fit and Intuitive Eating Principles

We believe that all foods fit into a nutritionally balanced meal plan featuring a variety of foods. Our definition of variety incorporates differing meal choices and challenges, including various flavors, textures, and colors as well as food from different cultures. To eat intuitively means intentionally listening to our bodies while creating a sense of satisfaction for all foods.
At Shoreline, we strive toward Intuitive Eating by promoting ten principles that recognize hunger and fullness cues, as well as timing and meal choices. By providing nutritious and satisfying meals, as well as experiential learning in the kitchen, we help our clients gain the necessary skills to make peace with food.
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The Care Through Culinary™ Difference

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Nutrition: A Vital Part of Treatment

At Shoreline, we’ve found that serving high-quality, thoughtfully prepared meals has a direct impact on how clients approach their confidence in care. Learning how to prepare meals, balance exposures, and trust in the therapeutic process is highly important in rebalancing clients’ relationship with meal planning. A small gesture, such as cooking a client’s favorite meal during their first night in care, assists in building trust in and acceptance of the program. Nourishing the mind, body, and spirit is part of our whole-person approach as it helps to accelerate each client’s path to sustained recovery.
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Care Through Culinary™: Helping Our Client Progress In Their Recoveries

Our nutritional and culinary teams are dedicated to preparing nutritious food and by doing so, extending real-time care to our clients. Culinary excellence involves nourishing the mind, body, and spirit and our clinical teams collaborate with each client in four key areas to help them achieve life-long recovery by:
This culinary collaboration builds the foundation of recovery by instilling clients with the knowledge, trust, and confidence they need to make choices that support sustainable freedom.
If you're interesting in learning more about our Care Through Culinary™ program, contact us today.
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