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Our Philosophy and Mission

"Recovery is Possible"

At Shoreline, our philosophy revolves around individuality. We believe that, although people with eating disorders might share similar traits and symptoms, each person we see deserves care based on their individual needs. The way we see it is that the symptoms of a person’s eating disorder are just like the cover of a book: the cover of the book might look similar, but it’s the story inside that is unique, and it’s that story that we want to know and understand.


We are dedicated to helping individuals recover from all forms of eating disorders. We honor the unique qualities and circumstances of each of our clients and strive to tailor treatment specific to their needs. We are dedicated to clinical excellence and committed to utilizing the newest research and evidence-based practices in addition to our significant practical experience. 

We are here to help

Finally, Shoreline’s mission will always include strong advocacy. We will fight for access to appropriate levels of care for all who need help in local, national, and international forums. We will also stand up against weight stigma and body shaming in our personal and professional lives.

Nutritional Philosophy – "All Foods Fit"

Our program incorporates the “intuitive eating” philosophy. “Intuitive Eating,” is an approach developed by Evelyn Tribole, R.D., and Elyse Rysch, R.D., which teaches individuals how to create a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body. You will learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional feelings and gain a sense of body wisdom. For those that believe that their bodies have betrayed them in some way, this can be a difficult concept to embrace, and we understand that. It is also a process of making peace with food so that you no longer have constant “food worry” thoughts. This helps individuals to change their destructive behaviors and thoughts and gain a more peaceful relationship with food and the body. Although “intuitive eating” is the heart of our philosophy, we recognize that most clients first require structure in order to reconnect with hunger and fullness and to regain a sense of trust in their bodies. Some people come to Shoreline on the “exchange system”, which helps with a sense of containment. We try to honor you where you are, with the understanding that recovery involves eventually reconnecting with your bodies’ sensations. It is a process.
When appropriate, individual meal plans are developed to safely transition clients into more balanced eating behaviors. Clients work intimately with our Registered Dietitian on reducing fears and rituals and reconnecting to internal signals during “real life” settings. We do this by utilizing experiential techniques, including restaurant outings, grocery store outings, meal preparation, and much more.
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