Want to help your loved one achieve freedom from their eating disorder?

Together, we can put them on the path to recovery.
Witnessing a loved one struggle with an eating disorder is extremely difficult and finding the right treatment program may feel impossible. Each client is unique, so we offer customized treatment plans that address each client’s specific needs. Together, we can provide your loved one with the help they need to ensure sustained recovery from their eating disorder.

What Makes Shoreline Different?

Individualized Treatment

We understand that each client is unique, so our therapists will provide your loved one with individualized support, allowing them to explore contributing factors related to their eating disorder and helping them establish a more peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. Our therapists will also encourage them to be an active participant in their treatment, while providing compassionate and collaborative care to ensure sustained recovery.

Intuitive Eating Philosophy

Our programs incorporate “intuitive eating”, an approach that will teach your loved one how to create a healthy relationship with food, their mind, and their body. During treatment, they’ll learn how to distinguish between their physical needs and their emotions to gain a sense of body wisdom. For those that believe that their bodies have betrayed them in some way, this can be a difficult concept to embrace, and we understand that.

Evidence-Based Programs

Shoreline is dedicated to clinical excellence and committed to utilizing the newest research and evidence-based practices in addition to our significant practical experience. Our treatment programs are led by a multidisciplinary team of professionals that include, masters and doctoral level therapists, registered dietitians, nurse practitioners, and attending psychiatrists.

What Family Members Are Saying

Our clients’ families trust us to help their loved ones on their eating disorder recovery journeys. And after reading about their experiences at Shoreline, we hope you’ll trust us as well.
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We had a very positive experience with Shoreline and our loved one now has a completely different relationship with food. The intense emotional work (in both groups and individual therapy) created lasting changes in self-image and provided practical, effective strategies to cope with stress in healthy ways. We couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. The program is solid and professionally implemented.

- Grateful Family Member of a Former Shoreline Client

What We Treat and How

Our Therapies

Levels of Care

At Shoreline, we offer a range of intensity, including residential treatment, a partial hospitalization program (PHP), and an intensive outpatient program (IOP), to address each client’s unique clinical needs on their road to recovery. We will work closely with your loved one to find the best fit within our programs.

Residential Treatment (RTC)

Our residential treatment program is for adults of all genders, ages 18 and older, who need additional supervision and therefore barriers so they can’t engage in their eating disorder behaviors. While providing this level of care in a non-hospital environment, we don’t compromise the very delicate medical, psychological, psychiatric, and spiritual needs of our clients.

Day Treatment / Partial Hospital Program (PHP)


Our PHP, for adolescents and adults of all genders ages 13 and older, is the most intensive outpatient treatment that we offer, meeting Monday through Saturday for six to eight hours per day. Clients have multiple therapeutic group sessions each day and two individual therapy sessions per week, as well as visits with their psychiatrist and dietitian.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our IOP, for adolescents and adults of all genders ages 13 and older, consists of treatment for up to six days per week from 14 to 24 hours of treatment. Providing weekly psychotherapy sessions and individual nutrition counseling, we offer an afternoon IOP and an evening IOP to best accommodate each client’s schedule.

Caring for Our Clients Like They’re Family

A Compassionate Approach

Our clinical team will create an individualized intensive treatment plan that will allow your loved one to explore and find new ways to enjoy life. In a supportive and healing environment, we take a whole-person approach using evidence-based modalities that will help your loved one progress from clinical care towards independent self-care.

A Collaborative Environment

We will ensure that you stay updated on the progress of your loved one throughout every step of their recovery. We also offer family therapy to ensure that your loved one can return to a healthier life after treatment with your support.

A Dedicated Team

Your loved one will have a dedicated treatment team, including a registered dietician, to ensure their experience is second to none. You will also have access to their treatment team that will answer questions and guide you through the treatment process.

Taking the Next Step

We’re so glad you took the first step in getting eating disorder treatment for your loved one by visiting our site. If you’d like to speak with a knowledgeable team member who can answer your questions and guide you through the next steps, call us at (562) 434-6007 or fill out the form.

We are here to help.

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