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Residential Treatment

Shoreline’s eating disorder residential treatment evolved out of our belief that clients need a safe, structured home-like setting to begin to challenge their fears, distortions, and preoccupations with food, weight, and body. We specifically want our residential facilities to be within a vibrant yet typical community setting so challenges are easy to incorporate during the appropriate treatment phase. Our residential treatment is appropriate for all genders, ages 13 and older, who need more supervision and therefore barriers so they can’t engage in their eating disorder behaviors.

While providing this level of care in a non-hospital environment we don’t compromise the very delicate medical, psychological, psychiatric, and spiritual needs of our clients. We accomplish this by having 24-hour nursing supervision and a multidisciplinary team of professionals attending to only 6 clients at a time. This high staff-to-client ratio gives us the ability to notice nuances, and intricacies of each individual’s struggle and therefore be flexible in treatment planning care.

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What We Believe


What Makes Our Residential Treatment Special?

Family Involvement in the Treatment Process

Learn more about how we help support the families of our clients throughout the treatment process from Angela Walden, Director of Operations.

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